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Best spices for health

Humans have been using spices to flavour as well as preserve food for centuries. We apply spices to food not only to add flavour and aroma, but also to enhance appearance and taste. Spices also have many health benefits and are also used as an effective remedy against several health problems such as cold, influenza, nausea and vomiting. Right from ancient times, spices have been used for curing ailments and enhancing health and immunity. Especially the Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda applies spices such as ginger, pepper and clove in many of its medicines. Adding certain spices to your daily diet can improve your health and help you fight many diseases. Here are some of the healthy spices in Kerala.

Best Spices for Health

Turmeric : 

Turmeric contains certain compounds called curcuminoids, among which, the most important one is curcumin. It has a high level of anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong anti-oxidant. It fights inflammation and is helpful in protecting you from many ailments such as heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease etc. Not only that, curcumin slows down aging fights age-related chronic diseases. So, turmeric is considered as one of the most important healthy spices.

Cinnamon : 

Cinnamon has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also has probiotic properties and helps to restore the balance of bacteria in gut, support digestive health and reduce digestive issues. It is also effective in reducing high blood pressure and preventing type-2 diabetes.

Cardamom : 

Cardamom also has antioxidant and diuertic properties that help to reduce blood pressure. The compounds in cardamom are also effective in preventing cancer as they increase the activity of certain enzymes in body that fight cancer cells. Further cardamom has anti-inflammatory effects which help to prevent long-term disease such as heart diseases and diabetes. These qualities make cardamom one of the best spices for health.

Star Anise : 

The known health benefits of star anise include promoting healthy skin, preventing fungal infection, improving respiratory health, reducing cancer risk, strengthening the immune system, optimizing digestion and helping to sleep better. So, star anise can be a good addition to your spice diet.

Clove :

Cloves contain compounds that are effective in reducing inflammation and are also rich in anti-oxidants. The spice also prevents ulcers and is effective in improving liver function. Besides, cloves contain manganese that is good for your bone health and hormone balance.


So, those who want to live a healthy life can add these spices to their daily diet and protect your body for diseases and ailments. Some spices like cinnamon and cardamom are available in powder form, which you can add to food items. But always remember not to have in excess, especially if you are pregnant or on other medications. Make spices part of your diet and add some spice to life!

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