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What Is Cinnamon?

What Is Cassia?

What is cassia? It is another variety of the spice cardamom. This can be extracted from the bark of the tree cinnamomum. The health benefits of Cinnamon are numerous. The piquant taste makes it a popular ingredient in baking and cooking recipes lending them an additional degree of sweetness and warmth. Although it shares similarities with ceylon, cassia is more affordable and has a stronger flavour. It is typically found as dried sticks or in ground form.

The Making of Cassia and Cinnamon

What is cassia? And how can it be produced? These can be obtained from the inner bark of the tree Cinnamomum. The inner part is dried and it is rolled in quills or pounded into fine powder after peeling off the outer bark. As the difference between Cinnamon and Cassia, Cassia  differs from cinnamon from its thickness and colour of the bark of the tree. However, the inner bark of the tree, which curls into thin, smooth light coloured sticks and is stripped off in order to get cinnamon.  But, cinnamon has a slightly sweet flavor as compared to Cassia with a stronger and bitter taste.

How to Differentiate Between Cassia and Cinnamon

What is cassia? and what is cinnamon, how can we differentiate between them? We can  compare these spices in  between the texture and the colour. Cassia sticks are thicker and darker in colour along with heavier texture and  cinnamon sticks are thin and light brown in color and smooth in feel. Another hint is the smell: cassia has a more potent and pungent odor compared to cinnamon since the latter is more on the sweeter side. This fact helps to differentiate between cassia and cinnamon. Cinnamon has a sweet taste and fragrance while cassia has a bitter and strong scent.  These differences help to distinguish between the two spices.

Where to Buy Cassia

Kerala is the best place  to purchase cassia because it’s well known for its superior spices. Cassia are available in various health food stores and spice shops. Cassia is similar to cinnamon. The bark of the trees used to make cassia and cinnamon. It is dried and either rolled into sticks or ground into powder. Their aroma is warm and sweet, with the cassia scent being a little stronger and more strong.  If you want to buy cinnamon, We are producing high-quality spices, especially cassia. Looking for the best spices in Kerala, visit our website now.


For the quest about What is cassia?  It is a popular spice for its rich sweet taste and smell which is richer than that of cinnamon. This product is obtained from the bark of the Cinnamomum cassia tree and is available as sticks and powder. For the best quality try to purchase from Kerala, India since they produce the best spices in the market. Go through the best spice markets in Kerala, which are renowned for their exceptional cassia, to find the best spices in Kerala. If you want to buy cassia, it’s also available online or local stores that sell the premium spices in Kerala.

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