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Spices and healthy living

In countries like India and most of Asia, it is generally understood that spices in our food play a role in our good health and general wellbeing. Spices contain special compounds called capsaicinoids. These are found to be good to help prevent diseases. Spices also have a high concentration of antioxidants and goodness of vitamins.

So whenever you have planned a special meal or a party, it is best to stock up on all the spices you need. And the best place to get all the best quality spices online is As all the spices are graded according to variety, it’s so much easier choosing what you need. This site is virtually the largest spice market online for spices from Kerala. The spices are sourced directly from the spice farms in the high ranges of Kerala, preserving their natural goodness.

It is believe that spices are good to bring down the fat content in the body and help reduce the waistlines. So enjoying interesting and tasty dishes can be a nice way to reduce weight, when you choose the right spices.

When curries are made spicier, they help increase satiety which means, you tend to eat only as much as you need. After which, you feel full and stop eating more! Hot chillies and capsicum also help the body burn more calories than usual. The decrease in calorie intake, reduction of fat in the body and helping the buildup of beneficial protein are all part of the benefits that are promised.

Some of the spices have thermogenic substances which create heat in the body and helps burn fuel at a much greater rate. This fat-burning effect is great for weight loss, especially if you are in a weight-loss program or hitting the gym regularly. Another benefit of Capsaicin in spices is its highly anti-inflammatory property which helps reduce pain, especially when you are undergoing an exercise program.

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