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12 Health Benefits of Dried Kiwi

12 Health Benefits of Dried Kiwi An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so the saying goes. It’s much more accurate if you eat a Kiwi every day instead of an Apple. If you are trying to segregate foods on the basis of good or bad, that may not be ideal. A better way […]

9 Stunning Health Benefits Of Bamboo Rice: An Alternative Source of Food

Bamboo rice is a new kind of rice to the average consumer. It has greenish leaves, long grain, flat shape, and contains a long chain of carbohydrates. Bamboo rice is nutritious diet food for people who need to lose weight or make their bodies strong. It is also known as brown rice, white rice and […]

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Trending Products 30 Spices in One Buy Now Best India spices gift box Indian food is among the most popular in the world, and for a good reason. From savory curries to sweet desserts, Indian cuisine is full of flavors and spices, sure to tantalize your taste buds. But what if you need more time […]

The Awesome benefits of Star Anise

Star anise is a star-shaped seed pod that has awesome health benefits, the seed is a pod of the fruit of the illicium verum plant, this is an evergreen shrub that is native to Southwest China. The Star anise has an average of eight points, each containing a single pea-sized seed. The sweet, powerful anise […]

The history of biriyani and its varieties

One cannot enjoy the fullness of life if one has not dined well. All of us are addicted to gratification that is rendered by our tongue. Biryani, a tasty mixed rice dish famous throughout the Indian subcontinent and its diaspora, without any argument is the favorite of all age groups in India. The dish is […]

Chicken Stew -with Kerala spices

Kerala spices  are Good ingredient to prepare Chicken Stew The excitement of my daughters on seeing the roosters and hens at a zoo in Dubai brought me fond memories of my own childhood days back in Kerala during the 1980’s. Yes, the decade in which my brother used to send me up the stairs to […]

List of Spices

Black pepper White pepper Green pepper Cinnamon Stick Nut Mace 25gm Nutmeg Bay leaf 25 gm Cumin Fenugreek Mustard Green cardamom large Ginger dry Green cardamom medium Turmeric Green cardamom small Cinnamon roll Black cardamom Tamarind Clove Allspice Shahjeera Black pepper powder Khasakhasa Cardamom powder Star anice Turmeric powder Filter coffee powder Red chilly powder […]

What You Should Know About Organic Agriculture

When you hear about organic farming, what comes to your mind first? You will probably say that it is a method of farming that does not use chemical pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers to boost the production of crops and other food products. While the primary difference between conventional farming and organic farming is this, it`s […]

Why Is India Known As the “Spice Bowl Of The World”?

Spices are widely used in every region of our country, across various courses of a meal. Almost all Indian households have the “masala dabba”, the traditional spice box, which consists of 5-7 small cups, containing spices used in daily cooking. Spices brighten up our food palette. They are used either dried or fresh, and come […]

Natural spices to keep you cool during the hot summer

The summer heat (also known as Pitta in Ayurveda) can lead to excess skin irritation, acne, rashes, sweating, and even heat stroke.  To keep the body cool and rejuvenated during those hot summer months, Ayurveda recommends consuming spices that promote cooling. Did you know that spices are the most potent plant foods in terms of […]

How to keep your Skin Glowing with Ayurveda

All of us wish to have glowing and healthy skin. However certain factors like pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle prevent us from attaining the same. The age-old traditional goodness of Ayurveda can help you regain the lost glow of your skin, with the help of proven herbal formulations and therapies, a nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle […]

Buy Munnar Spices Online

If we look at Kerala’s history, we find that it is closely related to its trade, which was completely dependent until recent times on the state’s spice trade, which dates back to 3,000 years. Our land was so rich due to these spices, that traders traveled to our place, not only for the purpose of […]


Cardamom is evidently one of the premium spice under Kitchen spices. It relates to its eminent quality of smell, and benefits it offers accordingly. The varieties of cardamom add to its varied purposes too. Cardamom and its usefulness are always backed up with science. Here are some of the health benefits of cardamom: The diuretic […]

Best Place to Buy Kerala Spices Online

Spices are very important flavors in the food recipe, as it enhances the flavour of the food and aids in many health benefits. The spices are rich in antioxidants and possess many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory features. Unlike other ingredients, spices enhance the rich taste of food, without any calories and fat. Kerala is the place […]

Kerala Papadam/ Papad 250g

Kerala Papadum/ Papad 250g

100 % authentic Pappadam made with black gram flour. It is very tasty and healthy.

Each packet contains 40-45 pieces 

Enjoy cooking with the best cardamom powder

Most Indian homes have a ready stock of cardamom powder. But to have a ready stock is not an easy task if you have to buy the best cardamom and grind it to make the cardamom powder. Also, you have to grind it in small stocks that can last you for a couple of months. […]


Cardamom ( 8mm Large in size) इलायची

Cardamom is the queen of spices and cardamom 8mm is the larger in the cardamom category. This graded cardamom is specially graded in an 8mm filter. Most of them are handpicked after machine or filter grading.

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