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12 Health Benefits of Dried Kiwi

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so the saying goes. It’s much more accurate if you eat a Kiwi every day instead of an Apple. If you are trying to segregate foods on the basis of good or bad, that may not be ideal. A better way might be to look at foods in a way that is more nutritious or less nutritious for you and your specific goal, which includes a variety of foods

health benefits of dried kiwi

Cell Regeneration

There is something called free radicals that can cause extensive damage to our body, from causing cancer to heart disease. Antioxidants that are really abundant in Kiwi can counter these free radicals.


One of the primary sources of free radicals is the sun, but other air pollutants, ozone, cigarettes, and pesticides also have free radicals in them. The benefits of dried kiwi are that it can counteract all of these harmful chemicals.

Preventing Hair Loss

Antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, are beneficial for preventing hair loss. Kiwi also supports the management of dandruff thanks to its high iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acid content.

Hair Blanching

Dry Kiwi benefits from having a lot of copper, an element that supports the synthesis of melanin. Since melanin determines your hair’s color, slower melanin production results in gray or white hair.

Struggle with Cancer

Kiwi is one of the recommended foods given to cancer patients after chemo, which involves radiotherapy that can produce a lot of free radicals that can further affect health. Dried kiwi health benefits shine here by having a lot of antioxidants as well as promoting gut health

Weight Loss

Consuming fewer calories is the biblical phrase for losing weight. Kiwi is mostly water and high in fiber, with very few calories and the sensation of having eaten something substantial.

Respiratory Disorders

In older individuals, research has found that eating gold kiwis lowers the intensity and duration of specific upper respiratory infection symptoms and raises plasma vitamin C concentration.

Antidote to Smoke

If you are a smoker or anyone close to you smokes and somehow wants to quit smoking, this should be noted by you. Kiwis flush out all the nicotine from their system and also replace all the lost vitamins: vitamin A, Vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Bomb against Stress

Because kiwis contain high levels of serotonin and antioxidants, eating one or two medium kiwis before bed may help you fall and stay asleep.

Heart Health Benefit

Kiwi is a magic fruit for the heart. Potassium, polyphenols, and vitamin C keep the heart healthy, and the fiber content in kiwi reduces LDL or bad cholesterol.

Digestive Health

Along with rich fiber content, there is strong proof that green kiwifruit and the enzyme actinidin can improve the upper-tract digestion of many dietary proteins, especially stomach digestion.

Source of Vitamin C

KIWI contains 2 times the amount of vitamin C than oranges, yes just one kiwi will be enough for all your vitamin c needs per day. It has more fiber content and more vitamins E and K than most common fruits, including apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries


There is no one food that can cure all your problems, and even if you want to get all the benefits of kiwi as a superfood, you have to complement it with other health practices like hygiene, avoiding alcohol, avoiding smoking, etc. Just like all other healthy foods you should eat, kiwi has a bit more importance in your home with its sweet and savory taste

Benefits of Dried Kiwi
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