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Natural spices to keep you cool during the hot summer

The summer heat (also known as Pitta in Ayurveda) can lead to excess skin irritation, acne, rashes, sweating, and even heat stroke.  To keep the body cool and rejuvenated during those hot summer months, Ayurveda recommends consuming spices that promote cooling. Did you know that spices are the most potent plant foods in terms of antioxidants and bioactive compounds?

Here are the top 8 cooling spices to include in your diet to feel fresh, rejuvenated, and comfortable round the clock-


Mint is more than just a remedy for bad breath, it’s in fact an excellent cooling spice. It’s enriched with menthol, which acts as a great remedy for indigestion and chest pains. Pop a few leaves into your summer lemonade or fresh fruit salad for a heat-busting addition to your summer regime.

Fennel Seeds-

This readily available spice is enriched with vitamin C and is highly cooling for those scorching hot summer months. These seeds also have the benefits of stimulating intestinal juices, promoting proper digestion, and reducing acid reflux.  Chew a few fennel seeds before and after your next meal.  You can also soak up a few fennel seeds in water overnight. Strain the water and drink up with sugar, black salt, and lemon. These seeds also keep your breath fresh and help promote good oral hygiene, besides being an instant summer energizer.

Fresh Cilantro-

Cilantro leaves have been used as a remedy in Thailand and Mexico for thousands of years. These leaves help rejuvenate your body during summers and cool it down effortlessly.


Ayurveda considers coriander as one of the most cooling spices and is highly revered for its health-promoting properties in India, China, Europe, and North Africa. Coriander tones down the excess fire (pitta) caused by the scorching heat.  The volatile oil makes it a great relaxant and helps relieve anxiety. Use coriander extensively in a BBQ rub or in a savory Indian curry. Besides, coriander provides appetite, helps ease digestion, and stabilizes your blood sugar levels.


Cardamom, an excellent digestion aid makes for a great addition to your summer morning tea.  Cardamom is also delicious and provides a similar cooling effect when added to your morning smoothie, granola or yoghurt. Green cardamom is also known as Tridoshic in Ayurveda as it balances all the three energies (doshas) in our body. It counteracts excessive stomach acids and also helps prevent stomach cramps.


The amazingly striking colour of saffron-infused dishes can lift any spirit. Did you know that this wonder spice can also uplift your mood when consumed? This extremely versatile and cooling spice is widely known for its prominent place in paella, curries, and rubs besides being a great addition to your tea and other favourite beverages.  To prepare a refreshing and cooling tea this summer, add some saffron powder and a few cardamom pods to water.  Once the saffron mixture is boiled, remove it from heat, add a teabag, and steep to desired strength. Serve with stevia or as is!


This wonder spice is a true Ayurvedic favourite. Turmeric besides being a cooling mojo helps reduce pain and swelling in the body. It also cleanses the liver juices, purifies the blood, and promotes healthy heart functions. for authentic Kerala organic spices here at the best rates in the market.


This cooling spice can be used in both fresh and dried forms. Add some dill to your summer dishes to beat the heat. Grilled veggies and fish tastes great with the addition of fresh dill and a dash of lemon juice.


When consumed in minimal quantities, cumin seeds and ground cumin can be cooled for the body.  Cumin may also aid detoxification and is an excellent remedy for gas and bloating. Cumin can be used in grain dishes, vegetable recipes and soups as per your taste and preference.


Ginger is great for summer as it can combat oxidative stress that occurs due to high environmental temperature increases. The essential oils in ginger helps improve the antioxidant status while the active component Gingerol reduces high body temperature.


Fenugreek is used in the world-famous Indian cuisine in more than one way- as a spice, dry herb, and even as a leafy vegetable. This spice has many therapeutic properties and is known to promote body cooling when consumed regularly. The fenugreek-infused water not only helps you stay cool but also assists in weight reduction.

As the summer days are getting hotter and hotter, it is sometimes difficult to put up with the unbearable heat. The spices and herbs mentioned are proven to keep you feeling cool, refreshed, and comfortable all through the summer. Besides adding a distinct flavor to all your dishes, the use of spices provides tremendous health benefits as well. Visit and shop for pure and organic spices online to equip you to beat the heat!

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