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How to buy best quality honey?

best quality honeyHoney is made by bees from nectar and human beings have been consuming honey for thousands of years. In many parts of the world, honey is used both as food and as medicine. From children to the elderly, all like honey thanks to its sweet taste and the flavour of honey varies depending on from which flower it is made. However, choosing the best quality honey is important to ensure safe and healthy consumption. So, when you buy honey, keep the following things in mind.

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Honey

Raw honey is always the best : 

Honey is often heated and boiled as part of processing which leads to loss of nutrients. So if you have to choose between forest honey and processed honey, always go for raw forest honey as it is the best and will give you the desired results.

Choose only unfiltered honey :

Honey which is being manufactured for commercial purpose is mostly filtered for ensuring a longer shelf life. However, the filtering process leads to loss of nutrients. So if you want the best quality honey, always choose unfiltered honey.

Choose glass jar honey :

Honey kept is glass jars is the best for consumption. Even if the honey is kept in plastic jars, it should be consumed within one year.

Choose locally sourced honey :

When the honey is locally sourced, it is less likely to have undergone processing and filtering. So it is best to choose locally sourced honey, which is fresh and pure.

Read the label thoroughly :

Sometimes, corn syrup is added to the honey to increase quantity. You will be able to find such adulterations only when you read the label on the bottle and find the ingredients. So, make it a habit to read the label, when you buy honey.


Consuming honey on daily basis has many health benefits. It is a good source of antioxidants, which can slow down aging and prevent cancer. Besides, honey contains several micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and riboflavin. Honey is also good for digestion and is a remedy for sore throat and cough.

In short, making honey part of your diet can benefit you in more than one way. So always choose the best quality honey to make the most of having honey. Several places are there to buy best quality honey in Kerala. Choose the best for you.


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