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Chicken Curry with Poppy Seeds

Chicken Curry with Poppy Seeds

People choose to try something new in everything like Chicken Curry with Poppy Seeds is a classic Bengali dish that is famous for the rich and flavorful taste combination of both chicken and poppy seed. The delicious nutty and slightly sweet flavor of the poppy seeds gives us a complementary taste to the chicken curry. For experiencing the best quality, you can visit our online store for poppy seeds buy online. Enjoy the combination of both chicken and poppy seeds in a curry gives you an amazing taste.

You really must try Chicken Curry with Poppy Seeds if you are searching for a delicious and distinctive curry

The perfect blend of Chicken Curry with Poppy Seeds offers a delicious and distinctive flavor that you must try to experience the different taste. Poppy Seeds Chicken Curry is a dish that will give you a different taste. The poppy seeds are nutty and a little sweet which gives the creamy nature of the curry chicken a peculiar feeling. Anybody who would like to prepare this lovely meal should be aware of how poppy seeds can be used in cooking.

About this recipe

The taste of chicken curry with poppy seeds is just delicious. Making this curry is very simple. When combined, chicken and poppy seed have an exquisite creaminess for chicken and nuttiness for sesame respectively. Adding three spoons of poppy seed to your chicken curry makes your curry taste awesome. In addition, these can be used for baking cakes.

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How spicy is chicken curry with poppy seeds?

The more spice you add the spicier the chicken curry becomes. Added to that, it is totally up to you how spicy you want it to be in terms of flavouring your curry mixture with peppered spices or any other type of ingredients preferred by individuals concerning their tastes as per preference and likeness. These provide general well-being hence good health since they contain fibre, essential fats, minerals such as magnesium & calcium among others found in many foods people eat daily Our Bodies Need Nutrients Why do people eat poppy seeds?

Top tips for making Chicken curry with poppy seeds

The poppy seeds for making a tasty chicken curry have to be soaked before grounding them into a smooth paste. Soaking the poppy seeds makes it give out oil and thereby become full-flavored. Poppy seeds we know is associated with numerous health benefits such as being rich in fibre, essential fatty acids and minerals like magnesium and calcium. The first trick of this recipe is to soak your poppy seeds before using them; this will render your chicken curry very tasty.          


The addition of poppy seeds in chicken curry gives it delectable taste while poppy seeds have several nutritional values that are healthy for better living. Combining Chicken Curry with Poppy Seeds puts a nutty and slightly sweet flavour that has creamy texture on your curry giving it taste. If you want to enjoy the good taste of chicken and poppy seed, then you can purchase best quality Kerala based poppy seed from our online store.

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