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How to use nutmeg at home

How to use nutmeg at home

There are many people who purchase ground nutmeg. Probably they don’t know how to grind a whole nutmeg or find it cumbersome. The fact is, whole nutmeg, when stored in the right way can remain fresh for a long time. Especially when you buy nutmeg from a good source like

When a nutmeg is freshly ground, the fragrance is strong and the flavor is potent. You can use a good quality grater to grate fresh nutmeg whenever you need. It is better to use a grater with good sharp blades but you should be careful to hold the nutmeg firmly in a forty-five degree angle and grate with a smooth action while making sure that your fingers are safe.

While using freshly ground nutmeg, you can consider using it a bit less than you normally do because the flavors will be rich. You can keep nutmeg in airtight containers within your kitchen cupboard and it will remain fresh for a long time.

In days of yore, nutmeg was believed to ward off pestilences like plague. Today it is much appreciated for its flavor-enhancing qualities. You can find it being used in everything from bakery products, meat curries, vegetable stews to even coffee latté.

Nutmeg is basically a seed of a tropical fruit, oblong in shape and about an inch long, packed densely with a lot of starchy tissues rich in fragrant oil. Mace, the outer covering of the nutmeg is much sweeter and less strong in flavor. It can be used in substitution for nutmeg in most of the Indian cooking.  Ground Nutmeg can give a special zing to many foods including salads or even raw fruit. You can get the freshest nutmegs sourced directly from the farmers in the high ranges of Kerala by logging on to What’s more, you can get is a whole lot cheaper too and delivered right to your home.

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