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The magic of Allspice

The festivals are just around the corner, many families will be busy preparing for the celebrations. Some of you may be giving good thought as to what to give away as presents. So how about trying something new by gifting your friends and relatives fresh spices? You can check out the fresh offerings from

One of the spices recommended is Allspice. It is derived from the berries of the pimento (Pimenta dioica) tree which is collected as unripe berries and then dried in the sun to give it its distinctive aroma reminiscent of a strong mixture of Nutmeg, Cloves, and Cinnamon. The warm and earthy aroma of allspice makes it a favorite ingredient in sweet and savory dishes including gingerbread, soup, and stew which can be enjoyed during Christmas. They are used in marinades, added to sausages, used for making pickles, added to cakes and pies, meat curries, in the making of homemade wine, goodies like puddings, and a whole lot more.


Allspice is believed to have originated in Southern Mexico and spread across Central America and to other warm places across the world.. The British were the first westerners to become enamored by this spice. It seems they could not decide which spice the berries resembled and so decided to call it all-spice. If one really wishes to remember the fragrance of allspice, all one needs to do is recall the scent of the men’s after-shave cosmetic called Old Spice. Allspice is available as dried berries, fresh ground, and in a powdered form

The dried allspice looks like peppercorns and has long shelf life when it is used whole. You can ground a few allspice berries to get the distinctive fresh aroma that can be added to your dishes. Fresh leaves of allspice are also widely used especially when it is still green and not dried. The leaves also infuse the flavors just like bay leaves do. You can easily order fresh allspice in bulk from and gift-wrap it in small quantities to give them away as presents.

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