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Nuts are God’s gift to mankind. They are rich in nutrients and are delicious. They enhance every cooking and they are loved by everyone including kids. Of all the nuts, Almonds are amongst the most loved. What most people don’t know are the major health benefits of consuming nuts on a regular basis.

Almonds or ‘Badam’, as it is called generally across India, is great for enhancing the taste of milk, for kids. Badam milk is a favorite drink across India. Roasted Badam makes a great snack and is also a great starter that accompanies cocktails. The best way to get the best almonds is by ordering them through


Almonds provide great health benefits. They are believed to help prevent the occurrence of cancer. All it takes is a couple of almonds a day. They also help increase nutrition and prevent the risk of anemia by improving the Hemoglobin count. Almonds help in increasing the functioning of the vital organs in our bodies. Almonds also help lower blood pressure and aid those who are participating in weight loss programs. They are also good to prevent the recurrence of coronary heart diseases and so all it takes is just a few almonds every day to keep your heart fit and fine.

It is estimated that anyone who consumes nuts five times a week can achieve about a 50% reduction in the risk of a heart attack. One of the reasons perhaps is that almonds have a good effect on reducing the cholesterol levels in the body, as per various researches.

The skin of the almonds has flavonoids which help in reducing the risk of heart disease when it works in synergy with Vitamin E. Almonds also have a good effect on building bones and teeth due to the phosphorus that it contains. The riboflavin in almonds helps boost brain activity and could prove to be beneficial in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You can easily buy the best quality Almonds in the quantity you like at the best prices by ordering it online through

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