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Spices of South India

Spices of South India

One of the interesting facts about Indian cooking is that there is a sort of divide between North Indian and South Indian cooking with regard to the use of spices. Of course, this difference also goes as far as the oil used is considered, with each region having its favorite oils. So the same curry or dish made with a distinctive set of spices leads to a wholly different taste, though the curry may look the same and have all the same basic ingredients like vegetables or lentils.


South Indian cooking, especially the Kerala style of cooking relies on a whole lot of freshly roasted spices mashed into chutney with coconut and then added to the boiled vegetables and lentils. Though the North and South Indian usage of spices are about the same, the proportions of specific spices that give that special taste edge tend to be different. For example, North Indian cooking has Cumin and South Indian recipes substitute it with mustard. North Indian cooking utilizes Amchoor (raw mango powder) while South Indians use tamarind or Kokum. While North Indians love fenugreek leaves, South Indians prefer Curry Leaves.

Whatever the differences in the choices of spices, many of the basic ingredients remain the same. Both styles of cooking make use of fresh pepper, cardamom, ginger, dried ginger, cloves, nutmeg, etc. Ever since became India’s first online spices supermarket store, buying spices right from the source became easy for everyone across India.

Now you can access over 25 major varieties of spices that bring that special magic to your cooking. These spices from are handpicked from the high ranges of Kerala where they are grown. This means that you are getting the best quality spices directly at the best prices that beat the market prices in your region. So log on to keralaspicesonline and order your fresh stock for the festive season ahead. Fresh spices are also great for adding warmth to your food during the coming winter season.

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