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Spices to be included in the Indian Spice Box


Adding spices creates the magic in Indian cooking! An Indian spice box or Masala Dabba is an essential accessory in almost every Indian household. The Indian spice box is a stainless steel flat container with a tight-fitting lid to store the spices which makes you more efficient in the kitchen. The very functional Masala Dabba makes it easy to find frequently used spices quite easily at one go. In fact, it is not necessary to open quite a few containers to get spices while cooking your favourite dishes.


You can buy online Indian spices or a full spice box online nowadays from Fill up the spice box with exotic Kerala spices which you are using in your daily cooking.

Store SpicesA basic spice box will have the following items used to flavour curries:

❖ Mustard seeds

❖ Cumin seeds

❖ Turmeric powder

❖ Red chilli powder

❖ Fenugreek seeds

❖ Dry Red Chillies

❖ Urad Dal


The Spice box from brings to you the best and fresh spices from Kerala farms. The whole Assorted Spices are packed in a nice box, with 15 major spices that are directly sourced from farmers in Munnar, Kerala. This spices box can be given as a unique gift for corporate gifting and wedding functions. The main exotic spices contained in the box in small quantities are:


❖ Nutmace

❖ Nutmeg

❖ Cardamom

❖ Black Cardamom

❖ Star Anise

❖ Cinnamon

❖ Clove

❖ Pepper

❖ White Pepper

❖ Bay Leaf

❖ Cumin Seed

❖ Shahjeera

❖ All Spice

❖ Mustard Seed

❖ Poppy Seed


Ornate wooden Spice Box made of Sheesham Wood is available which is perfect as a kitchen accessory. As it is a multi-purpose container it can be used to store dry fruits, jewellery and other small items.

Wooden spice BoxA few tips for your Indian Spice Box

❖ Always fill the spices as per the usage & never fill to the top.

❖ A cool, dry space near the stove is where you should store your Indian Spice Box.


Buy online Indian spices and make your cooking easy! You will be able to buy spice boxes online at Happy cooking to you!

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