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Health Benefits of Cardamom


Cardamom is a wonderful spice that is special to Indian cooking! An aromatic seed pod used in many Indian dishes; Cardamom has to its credit many health benefits as well!


Here’s a list of some of the amazing health benefits of Cardamom that you must know about! This insight is brought to you by, the best source to buy Cardamom online.


Cough and cold cure

As an effective natural remedy for flu, cough, and cold, Cardamom is packed with antioxidants. Drinking Cardamom tea imparts warmth to the body.

Aids digestion

Cardamom is good for curing stomach problems like indigestion, gas, and constipation. Cardamom contains chemicals that are known to increase the movement of food through the intestine.


Prevents bad breath

Cardamom with its floral and sweet aroma is a natural breath freshener! Cineole, a major component of Cardamom oil, has antimicrobial properties that promote oral hygiene and it also fights bacteria causing bad breath.


Lowers high blood pressure

Cardamom is known to be a heart-friendly spice. One pinch of Cardamom mixed with a teaspoon of coriander and taken with 1 cup of freshly squeezed peach juice is known to bring down high blood pressure.


Secret to longevity

In Chinese medicine, drinking Cardamom tea is known to help in flushing out toxins and keeping your internal systems clean. This can lead to good health and longevity.


Boosts blood circulation

The use of Cardamom will help to increase the blood circulation in your body, especially to your lungs. It is often used as a natural remedy for respiratory disorders. It maintains vitality and keeps your energy levels up.

Regulates your blood sugar levels

Black cardamom is often used as an effective remedy for treating high blood sugar levels as it is rich in manganese which helps in controlling blood sugar levels in the body


Supports weight loss

Cardamom boosts energy metabolism and helps the body burn more fat efficiently.


Treats sleep trouble

The soothing aroma of cardamom essential oil may help in treating sleep issues such as insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety.


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