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Delicious Vanilla-Tea from Kerala

Delicious Vanilla-Tea from Kerala

What can be more heavenly than Vanilla-tea for those who love both tea and vanilla! The blend of these two flavors creates a healthful drink. The most advantageous benefit of Vanilla-tea is its stress-relieving property. The aroma of tea and vanilla combine in a subtle way to create something unique and divine. The benefits of tea are well known. Added to this is the aroma of vanilla and its property called vanillin which helps promote relaxation.

Vanilla tea is believed to help reduce weight and curing of nausea. Making your own Vanilla-tea can be a laborious process. You need pure vanilla extract or vanilla beans, loose black tea plus sugar and milk for taste. The exact blend and brewing are tricky. Fresh natural vanilla and unflavored black tea are not as easy to find. It would be more enjoyable to taste the Vanilla-tea offered to you online by Kerala Spices Online. They are freshly produced – where they are grown – in the high ranges of Kerala.

While there are many Vanilla-tea brands available in supermarkets, you are not sure of the quality of tea or vanilla. Vanilla being a costlier spice, many brands use artificial vanilla flavoring. Artificial vanilla flavorings have no therapeutic benefit or the actual flavor or taste of vanilla. It can also have side effects. It can also leave a bad after-taste in your mouth.

You can buy fresh and natural Vanilla Tea online from Kerala Spices online and be sure of the quality of what you get. Some people like to drink Vanilla-tea with milk or cream. Many people love to drink it strong without any additives like milk or sugar. The Vanilla-tea has a heady fragrance and is great for a relaxing evening after work, sipping on a freshly brewed cup. Sit back and enjoy the sublime deliciousness in every sip. Now you can order your stock of tasty Vanilla-tea from Kerala Spices Online.

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