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Cooking with Bay Leaves this Christmas Season

Cooking with Bay Leaves this Christmas Season

Bay leaves are excellent for making the stuffing to put within the chicken that you would be roasting for your Christmas feasts. It can be added to your Pilaf or Fried Rice and even to Biriyani. Cooking Pilaf and other rice dishes with Bay Leaves is an art by itself.

The whole leaf has to be lightly cooked in 1.5 to 2 quart of oil in a saucepan. It has to be turned over a couple of times till the leaves are lightly browned. After about a couple of minutes, it turns pale golden, and then the rice and other ingredients are added.

Bay leaf, which is a fragrant leaf from the laurel tree, can be used fresh or dry for your rice dishes. They infuse your rice and curries with a special aroma. Freshly dried bay leaves can be easily be bought online through keralaspicesonline, as also all the other fresh spices from the high ranges of Kerala that you would need to create culinary magic in your kitchen this festive season.

Dry bay leaves have a strong flavor and are dull green on both sides. Though they are mostly used whole while cooking and removed from the dish while serving the food, it can also be used in the powdered form like other spices we normally use.

Bay leaves have a subtle taste and aroma. They are like the background score over which other spices can begin playing their majestic tunes. The bold flavors of other spices are better appreciated with bay leaves complementing them in the curries and rice dishes. They are good for making stocks and broths too and also for rich dishes like beef, mutton or chicken curries.

Bay leaves are reputed to have detoxification properties, help manage diabetes and optimize digestion. Some of the other benefits are – reduction of stress and anxiety! Bay leaves help to reduce the number of stress hormones in the body.

Perhaps this is why it is a favorite ingredient in aromatherapy concoctions. So in the most high-stress moments, it could do well to enjoy a nice curry with bay leaves as one of the ingredients. So go ahead and order your fresh sock from

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