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Black Pepper

Everything You Need To Know About Black Pepper

Black pepper is a common ingredient that you find in every kitchen. It is added to make the food dishes tasty. Apart from cooking, it holds a lot of medicinal value that is used to treat various skin and hair problems. You no more have to spend a hefty amount of money on maintaining glowing skin and lustrous hair. Many people have a misconception that black pepper can only be used to treat health problems such as cough, cold, digestive problems and so on, but there are many skin and hair care benefits of black pepper that are offered by this spicy ingredient. If you are wondering how the black pepper can help you promote soft and youthful skin and strong hair, then you have to read on its benefits:

Fight wrinkles

The common issue that is faced by women is wrinkled. It is an ageing sign that kills them. However, you can control the wrinkles by using black pepper, which is readily available in the kitchen. This ageing sign is seen in the women in their mid-30s sometimes due to the exposure of skin to the UV rays, poor diet and other issues. Many people start to use anti-ageing creams and costly serums to fight wrinkles. If you do not want to burn holes in the pocket, spending a lot of money on creams, the black pepper is the solution. The anti-oxidants present in the pepper would flush out the free radicals from the body which are actually responsible for the formation of wrinkles and other ageing signs. You can have black pepper in the diet every day to reduce ageing signs and look young.

You can prepare a face pack with the black pepper for which you have to crush the pepper into a fine powder. Subsequently, you have to add turmeric and honey. The smooth paste can be applied on the face every alternative day to see miraculous results.

Black Pepper

Make skin glow and promote softness.

When you are exposed to dust and grime in the hustle and bustle city, the first thing that would affect is your skin. The soft and glowing skin would be buried under the dead skin cells. It is essential for you to exfoliate your skin twice a week. It opens the pores and flushes out the dirt that is stopping you from gaining the glow and radiant skin. You can attain this by adding black pepper as a scrub. You can use black pepper and yogurt and apply this on the skin. You have to keep this mask for 20 minutes and then wash. The face pack will remove toxins and make your skin look healthy.

The perfect treatment for dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair issue that is faced by men and women. Due to dandruff, it makes people feel itchiness and discomfort. They also start to lose their hair. It makes the scalp dry and slows down hair growth. It is embarrassing to have dandruff on the hair. If you have tried everything that is available in the kitchen, then it is time for you to use black pepper. It is the natural way to get relieved from the dandruff problem. Whenever you apply the black pepper pack, you can notice the reduction in dandruff on the hair. You have to crush the black pepper and mix this with yoghurt and then apply to the scalp. You have to leave this for half-an-hour and wash. Do not use shampoo. You can try this once a week to see positive results.

Make the hair to shine

Many people will apply different types of hair care products to gain shiny and lustrous hair. You can gain this by using black pepper. This spice works miraculously on the hair and lets the hair shine. People would be amazed to see your dry hair shining when you step out for parties. It also adds life to the hair. For this, you have to add a spoon of pepper that is crushed into a fine powder and add lemon juice to it. You have to apply this to the hair and scalp and leave this for 10 to 15 minutes and wash with water. You have to do this regularly to gain shiny hair.

Black Pepper for Hair

Make the hair stronger.

If your hair has become a touch me not plant, then it is high time for you to try out the black pepper remedy. It won’t let the hair to break. It also strengthens the hair from roots. The vitamins and minerals that are power-packed in the pepper would promote healthy hair. You have to apply the paste of black pepper regularly by mixing honey. You have to massage this mixture to the roots to promote proper blood circulation. It makes the hair stronger from the roots.

Promote weight loss

There are many studies that have proven that the piperine substance that is present in the black pepper would break the fat cells. It helps you to attain the weight loss goals in no time. Undeniably, black pepper is the best treatment for burning excess fat in the body. It won’t let the fat to form in the body and put a check at different biological levels. You can add black pepper to the diet. It has very fewer calories.

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