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The best ways to use bay leaf in cooking

While cooking with bay leaves, it is better to check if you have got the best quality. Since there are other leaves that look like bay leaves which are mildly toxic, it is better to ensure that you are getting your supplies from a reliable source. You can always order fresh bay leaves directly from and ensure that you have a ready and reliable supply whenever you need.

In ancient times bay leaves were woven into garlands to honor Roman and Greek poets, Olympic heroes and even emperors. Of course, the best use of bay leaves is undeniably for cooking the tastiest dishes. They are best used with soups, stews and meat curries.

Bay leaf in the stew or curry should be taken out after preparation as they remain rigid and stiff even after long hours of cooking. Just to be on the safe side and not to have a large piece scratching the digestive tract or posing a choking hazard, it is best to fish out the bay leaf from the dish once cooking is done and the dish is transferred to a serving platter.

Bay leaf adds a delicious and sophisticated taste quality to any dish. They are easily available in the local stores but by ordering directly from keralaspicesonline, you are assured of the best quality at a rather good price.

Bay leaves have a very unique taste. Even boiling it simply in water will bring out a menthol and eucalyptus – like aroma. This is produced by the chemical called eugenol contained in the leaves. But when the bay leaves are cooked for longer periods, more subtle flavors are presented. The harsh tones of the aroma are toned down.


Bay leaves easily can be added in combination with other spices and masalas. It is like adding a subtle background music score to the main stars that are your favorite spices like pepper, ginger and others.

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