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Top 10 Spices you can Buy in this Monsoon

Spices are the lifeline of any cuisine that you make. It will not be an exaggeration if we call spices the ‘Soul’ of our meal. Without spices, the food would become boring and bland. Tasteless food does not interest anyone, and the overall purpose of cooking loses its essence.

There are thousands of spices available, and some of the spices are specifically to be bought during the monsoon to make the cuisines interesting and suitable for the season. Ten such monsoon spices buy are discussed in the following section of the article. We hope that you make a list of all these spices in your kitchen. Having these spices in your kitchen during the monsoon is going to keep you safe from all the disease-causing viruses and bacteria. It helps in building a stronger immune system and also maintains overall health.

1. Cardamom

Cardamoms can be considered as the ‘Queen of spices,’ the dominant aroma from this spice cannot be overshadowed by any other ingredients used in the delicacy. Cardamom enhances digestive capacity and also gets rid of bad breath.

2. Clove 

Loaded with an abundance of medicinal values, cloves are spices that are used in a lot of cuisines. The pungent flavor from cloves can increase the taste of the food instantly. Clove oil can heal dental-related problems easily. Using clove regularly in the food can help build resistance towards cold and other respiratory issues.

3. Cinnamon 

The bark from the bay leaf tree is used as cinnamon. This spice is abundantly used in a lot of food items. Cinnamon tea and cakes are pretty popular food items that are made using this spice. Consuming this spice regularly would make the respiratory system stronger. It also helps in building immunity.

4. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have their own aroma, and it is generally used in food items that are cooked using rice. Adding a bay leaf to cook soup or stew can boost the taste brilliantly. The leaves can be powdered or used directly as a whole spice. These leaves are loaded with Vitamin A and potassium. They are widely used in the treatment of migraines.


5. Fenugreek Seeds

Known for its bitter taste, the Fenugreek seeds are used in almost all the food items as a seasoning ingredient. Consuming Fenugreek seeds regularly or food that has this spice can relieve you from joint pain quickly. Most of the people drink the fenugreek seeds decoction early in the morning to keep sugar levels under control.

6. Peppercorns 

If you want to make your food hot and spicy, peppercorns are the best spices to be used. This round-shaped little master can set your tongue ablaze with its spiciness. This spice is largely used in almost all types of cuisines. Peppercorns can help fight bronchitis, cold, and cough effectively.

7. Rye seeds

Rye seeds or mustard, one of the essential spices that are widely used in all the cuisines. Apart from using the seeds directly, mustard is also used in the form of oil, sauce, paste, etc.… Mustard generates heat in the body and helps in keeping the body warm during monsoon and cold seasons. It is also rich in Vitamin E, which makes it one of the best spices to be used to maintain the skin well.



8. Cumin seeds 

Indian dishes remain incomplete without spurting a spoonful of cumin seeds in the oil alongside rye seeds. Cumin has a distinctive and dominant flavor. Popularly called as Jeera, cumin seeds can be used to make an herbal tea that can fight cold effectively. Cumin is also used as a detoxifying element as it helps in regulating the levels of cholesterol. Usage of cumin seeds regularly in the food can help in weight loss as well.

9. Coriander seeds 

Some delicacies do not give the actual taste without the usage of the coriander seeds. Although fresh coriander is largely used in the kitchens, the powder made of these seeds is also widely used to make the dish yummy. Alongside the taste, the coriander seeds are highly beneficial to improve digestion and keep diabetes under control.

10. Nutmeg 

Nutmeg powder has a different aroma altogether. This spice stands out from the rest of the other spices as it is both pungent and sweet at the same time. It gives out a soothing fragrance, and eating food that has nutmeg can make you feel really great. Nutmegs are beneficial for the health of the skin, digestion system, and it can also prevent leukemia.

The above list of spices is mandatory to have in your kitchens during the monsoon. These spices aren’t just going to boost the flavor of the food; instead, they are going to help you fight against many diseases as well.

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