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Coconut Powder for Skin and Hair: Benefits and Uses

Coconut Powder for Skin and Hair: Benefits and Uses Coconut powder has gained popularity in recent years for its various benefits for skin and hair. This versatile powder, derived from dried coconut meat, offers a range of nutrients and properties that can promote healthy skin and hair. In this blog, we will explore the benefits […]

Coconut Powder

Coconut Powder – From It gives the authentic flavour of real Kerala coconut powder.

Roasted Coconut Chutney Powder 100gm

Kerala Coconut Chutney Powder (Thenga Chammanthi Podi) Ready to Eat – 100% Natural & Homemade Product Ideal Accompaniment for Rice, Kanji No Added Colours or Preservatives Ingredients- Coconut, Garlic, Ginger, Tamarind, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Skinned Black Gram, Shallot (Small Onion), Asafoetida (Kaayam)

10 Health Benefits of Curry Leaf Powder You Need to Know

Top 10 Health Benefits of Curry Leaf Powder You Need to Know Curry leaf powder is a popular spice derived from the leaves of the curry tree, scientifically known as Murraya koenigii. It is widely used in various cuisines, particularly in Indian cooking, due to its distinct flavor and aroma. Apart from enhancing the taste […]

bayleaf powder

Organic Curry Leaf Powder 100g

Organic Curry Leaf Powder 100% Pure & Natural Curry Leaves is one of the common ingredients used in the kitchen. It is also well known for its medicinal properties. Used as spice masala in many recipes. Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants that moisturize the scalp while getting rid of dead hair follicles . They […]

Sambar Masala Premium Quality 90gm

Premium Traditional Sambar Masala 90gm  The blend of mixed spices, sambar masala is widely used in the southern part of India. However, with the gaining popularity of sambar masala, you can find this exotic powder in every home and every kitchen.

Summer’s Must-Try Snack- Tasty Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit, the largest fruit produced on a tree, is available aplenty during the summer months in Kerala. Once jackfruits start to become available, this unique-tasting fruit takes the centre stage in a Kerala kitchen. Kerala cuisine is rich with a variety of dishes made with jackfruit, which include tender jackfruit stir fry, jackfruit cutlet, jackfruit […]

Different Ways to Make a Delectable Indian Curry Sauce

The intoxicating aroma around the kitchen and the fragrance of spices are the face of Indian cuisine. Beyond the flavour and taste, Indian spices in its traditional cuisines give health benefits too. The word ‘sauce’ originally comes from French, meaning a magical mix to make our food more relishing. These liquid or semi-liquid foods are […]

Chicken Stew -with Kerala spices

Kerala spices  are Good ingredient to prepare Chicken Stew The excitement of my daughters on seeing the roosters and hens at a zoo in Dubai brought me fond memories of my own childhood days back in Kerala during the 1980’s. Yes, the decade in which my brother used to send me up the stairs to […]

Tips to Make a Delightful Indian Curry Sauce

Inroduction  The Indian curry sauce is rich, aromatic, and versatile and forms the base for a variety of incredible dishes and curries. You can prepare it in bulk or freeze it for later use. It will satisfy your curry cravings. Let’s learn tips to make a great curry sauce that will work well, no matter […]

Health Benefits of Nutmeg and Mace

Nutmeg is a spice that is derived from the species of Myristica. Nutmeg and mace are spices that have great fragrances. Thus, if you are cooking a food item that needs fragrance, nutmeg and mace can be great options. The seeds are broken down into powder to produce the spice. The seed coverings are red, […]

All In One Spices Kit (30Spices)

This kit comes with everything you need to make your kitchen a world of spices! It contains 30 different premium-quality spices and powders.

Spices of South India

Spices of South India One of the interesting facts about Indian cooking is that there is a sort of divide between North Indian and South Indian cooking with regard to the use of spices. Of course, this difference also goes as far as the oil used is considered, with each region having its favorite oils. […]

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