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Exotic Farmers Collection Spices Gift Box

Exotic Farmers Collection Spices Gift Box

The contents of this exceptional collection include:

1. Cardamom 8mm (100 grams): The “Queen of Spices” shines brightly in its 8mm form. Cardamom’s captivating aroma and citrusy notes make it a versatile spice that adds a touch of luxury to both sweet and savory dishes.

2. Black Pepper (100 grams): Known as the “King of Spices,” our premium black pepper delivers bold and robust flavor to your culinary creations, enhancing their depth and character.

3. Cinnamon (100 grams): Fragrant and warming, our premium cinnamon is the essence of delightful woody character, perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. It’s a spice beloved by all.

4. Clove (100 grams): Cloves, with their sweet and slightly spicy profile, provide an aromatic depth to your culinary creations, making them truly exceptional.

5. Fennel Seeds (100 grams): Fennel seeds offer a delightful anise-like flavor, enriching your dishes with their sweet and refreshing notes. They are a versatile addition to your kitchen.

6. Nutmeg (100 grams): Nutmeg’s warm and nutty profile adds richness to your culinary creations. It’s a spice that enhances both sweet and savory dishes, making them truly special.

Why Buy Organic Spices from Kerala?

Since the time immemorial, Kerala has been known across the world for quality organic spices. The climate, nature of soil and geographic specialties make Kerala the best place to grow some of the world’s most in demand organic spices like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and more. Culinary spices that are grown in Kerala have many […]

Handcrafted palm leaf Assorted Kerala Spices Gift Box

Handcrafted palm leaf Assorted Kerala Spices Gift Box

Introducing our exquisite “Handcrafted Palm Leaf Assorted Kerala Spices Gift Box” – a masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship designed especially for gifting. This elegant spice box is a sensory celebration, offering a harmonious blend of Kerala’s finest spices sourced from the heart of the region’s lush plantations.

Must-have spices for a perfect kitchen

Spices and herbs have been used for centuries for cooking and medicinal purposes. They enhance the flavor, aroma, and color of food and beverages and also protect us from chronic diseases. Frequent consumption of spicy foods will help you to lower the risk of death from cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory system diseases. Spice up […]

Five simple steps to improve your digestion!

You might not recognize just how sensitive your digestive system is to your emotions. When you’re upset, one of your first reactions might be to sense being physically sickened, lose your urge for food, or run for comfort meals. The brain and the gastrointestinal system are so intently linked that tummy issues can be the […]

Chicken Stew -with Kerala spices

Kerala spices  are Good ingredient to prepare Chicken Stew The excitement of my daughters on seeing the roosters and hens at a zoo in Dubai brought me fond memories of my own childhood days back in Kerala during the 1980’s. Yes, the decade in which my brother used to send me up the stairs to […]


Spices online shop, here you can select any spices as you need. To Buy spices, Click on add to cart. If you need more than one quantity of the same spices you selected, then change the quantity according to your requirement.  Major spices are cardamom, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, mace, fenugreek, cumin, etc. To see […]

About Us

Online spices store Welcome to Kerala Spices Online, your go-to online spices store for all your spice needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality spices sourced directly from Kerala, the land of spices. At Kerala Spices Online, we take pride in our extensive collection of premium quality spices that are guaranteed […]


Whole Spices and Masala More Products here Hot Products! Flash Sale! Our Best Selling Products Why Shop With Us? We sell authentic and high-quality spices at an affordable rate. is the best and top online seller of spices and herbs based on ratings and reviews by customers of Fast delivery & Easy Payment […]

Natural spices to keep you cool during the hot summer

The summer heat (also known as Pitta in Ayurveda) can lead to excess skin irritation, acne, rashes, sweating, and even heat stroke.  To keep the body cool and rejuvenated during those hot summer months, Ayurveda recommends consuming spices that promote cooling. Did you know that spices are the most potent plant foods in terms of […]

Tips to Make a Delightful Indian Curry Sauce

Inroduction  The Indian curry sauce is rich, aromatic, and versatile and forms the base for a variety of incredible dishes and curries. You can prepare it in bulk or freeze it for later use. It will satisfy your curry cravings. Let’s learn tips to make a great curry sauce that will work well, no matter […]

Buy Munnar Spices Online

If we look at Kerala’s history, we find that it is closely related to its trade, which was completely dependent until recent times on the state’s spice trade, which dates back to 3,000 years. Our land was so rich due to these spices, that traders traveled to our place, not only for the purpose of […]

exotic spices

Spice Crafters Collection-7 in 1 Spices Box

Buy Spices Box Online – 7 in 1 combo of best quality spices
Introducing our “7 in 1 Spices Box Masala Dappa” – a culinary treasure trove that encapsulates the rich and aromatic flavors of India in a single, convenient package. This specially curated combo of 7 premium spices is a delight for both seasoned home chefs and those embarking on a culinary journey.

All You Need To Know About Buying Organic Spices Online

Kerala Spices Online is an Indian spice seller that only sells authentic spices. Our spices are prepared from a precise blend of virgin resources and other vital ingredients of the highest quality. We bring spices from all across India. It is not just about Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper, and Clove but also about Bay Leaves, Cinnamon, […]

10 in 1 Spices packet

Cardamom 8mm 100gm Black pepper 100gm Clove 1st 100gm Nutmeg 100gm Star anise 100gm Bay leaf 50gm Nutmace 50gm Cinnamon roll 100gm Cumin 100gm Fennel seeds 100gm

Tea Varieties and their Health Benefits

Did you know that there are different types of Tea? Each Tea is unique in its fragrance, taste, and its health benefits! Here’s a rundown on a few fragrant tea varieties and their health benefits brought to you by   Green Tea Green tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants amongst all tea varieties. […]

Top Indian Spices And Their Uses!

You will be stunned to know that there are over 40 kinds of Indian spices and most of the houses has masala box or Indian spice boxes. The best thing about the Indian spices is that they are not only used for adding flavor to your food, but they also have so many health benefits. […]

Special Tea from Kerala

There are many special spices tea from Kerala like Vanilla tea, cardamom tea, white tea, cinnamon tea, ginger tea, black tea, and many more choices of tea. Black tea offers many salubrious properties including helping reduce weight. As you can buy it premixed, you won’t have to laboriously mix tea to the exact taste you […]

spices in wooden box

Spices Masterpiece Set- Wooden Spices Box

Spices Masterpiece Set- Wooden Spices Box

Within this transparent treasure trove, you will discover an assortment of Nine distinct spices, each carefully curated to complement and enhance a wide array of dishes. 

Indian Spices Online from Kerala

If there is one thing that every Indian kitchen cabinet should have, it is the Spices Box. Indian spice box also called the ‘masala Dabba’ is a one-piece box or a container with several small compartments filled with various spices that are commonly used in Indian cooking. A masala Dabba is something that every Indian cook […]

Spices for Nutrition and Health

  If you thought species were meant to simply beef up the taste of your food, there’s much more you can nab from your plate than just the aroma, flavour, colour, and taste.   The use of spices has been integral in many cuisines, although they have been an exclusive role in Indian cooking. While […]

Everything you need to know about Masala Tea

  Imagine a day when you are really tired, and as soon as you enter your home, you are offered a masala tea. This one cup of tea will taste the best in the world and will take away all your stress and tensions. The aromatic and tasteful masala tea soothes your body, mind, and […]

Best Place to Buy Kerala Spices Online

Spices are very important flavors in the food recipe, as it enhances the flavour of the food and aids in many health benefits. The spices are rich in antioxidants and possess many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory features. Unlike other ingredients, spices enhance the rich taste of food, without any calories and fat. Kerala is the place […]

Things to consider while purchasing spices online.

  Spices are very important for our life because we use spices in each and every item eats every day. These are nature’s gifts and are very important for healthy food and medicinal purposes.  Spices have a very significant role in our day to day life and in our cooking. Spices are important for a […]

Special Spices Gift Boxes from Kerala

Special Spices Gift Boxes from Kerala   If there is one thing that every Indian kitchen cabinet should have, it is the Spices Box. Indian Spices Box, also called the ‘masala dabba’ is a one-piece box or a container with several small compartments filled with various spices which are commonly used in Indian cooking. A […]

SpiceFusion Explorer Gift Box

SpiceFusion Explorer Gift Box

Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey of flavors with our “SpiceFusion Explorer Box.” This curated collection offers an exquisite selection of aromatic spices, each carefully chosen to ignite your culinary creativity.

his box contains following items, Cardamom 130gm, Clove 130, Black pepper 240gm and Cinnamon Sticks 75Gm

“Aromatic Odyssey Spice Box”

Product Description This is a masala box made with quality plastic. Users can utilize it to keep various masalas in the same box. This plastic spice box is a beautiful gift item. It has separate 6 boxes inside which could taken out for usage and make it easier to clean. It is a must-have for […]

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