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How to make Vanilla Sugar with Vanilla Beans ?

Vanilla Sugar is a unique kind of sweetener made by mixing sugar with vanilla beans. It produces a distinct scent and flavour. To add a pinch of vanilla delight to snacks or use it in baking, vanilla sugar enhances flavour and adds extra sweetness to pastries. You may add a hint of vanilla flavour and give your treats a special twist by using vanilla sugar instead of conventional sugar. This convenient way to add warmth and sweetness without separate vanilla extract is also available.  From this article we are going to learn how to make vanilla sugar with vanilla beans.

Understanding Vanilla Beans

vanilla beans

Vanilla orchid plant that produces vanilla beans with its lengthy pods. The rich and sweet aroma of vanilla is contained in its tiny seeds. The two main types are Tahitian and Bourbon (Madagascar). Bourbon vanilla’s creamy, sweet flavour is frequently used in baking and dessert preparations. Because of its delicious and floral flavour, Tahitian vanilla is ideal for dishes without a pungent taste.

You can choose the type of vanilla bean that best compliments your recipes because each variety has unique characteristics. Authentic vanilla beans have a deeper, more flavorful taste when baked or cooked than artificial alternatives. Their natural ingredients give recipes depth and a rich flavour. The beans’ tiny black seeds have a delicious and beautiful flavour. Instead of synthetic varieties, real vanilla beans have a clean and fragrant flavour profile that improves food quality and justifies the expense. Interested to know more.

Preparing the vanilla sugar

vanilla sugar

Tools and Ingredients

  • To make vanilla sugar, combine vanilla beans, sugar, and optional flavour boosters like cinnamon stick or dried citrus peel.
  • Split and scrape seeds, mix with sugar in a container, and add desired flavour enhancers.
  • Allow vanilla to infuse sugar over time, adding a delicious vanilla kick to your favourite treats and making homemade desserts even more special.
  • To make vanilla sugar, use a clean glass jar with a tightly sealed lid.
  • Add vanilla beans and regular sugar, or add extras like cinnamon stick or dried citrus peel. Ensure fresh beans and use these simple tools to create your own homemade vanilla sugar for added flavour in cooking and baking.

Here are the steps for preparing Vanilla Sugar. Let’s familiarize ourselves with that.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Choosing the right vanilla beans

  • Selecting the right vanilla beans such as Tahitian or Madagascar with a powerful, sweet scent is essential for making vanilla sugar. Purchase from neighbourhood grocery stores or specialty food stores online.
  • Cut the beans open, remove the seeds, and combine them in a container with sugar.
  • To add more flavour, add empty pods. Let the container sit for a week or two after sealing it. You can now add a delightful flavour to your dishes with your handmade vanilla sugar.

Step 2: Preparing the vanilla beans

  • To make vanilla sugar, start by preparing fresh, plump vanilla beans.
  • Cut each bean open and remove the tiny black seeds, which are packed with flavour. Use whole beans for their natural compounds, as they add depth and complexity to the vanilla flavour.
  • In a container, combine the beans and powdered sugar, then let the beans release their aromatic flavour into the sugar. Your favourite specialties’ flavour can be enhanced with this homemade vanilla sugar.

Step 3: Combining vanilla beans and sugar

  • Two cups of sugar to one or two vanilla beans is the ratio needed when making vanilla sugar.
  • Slice the beans open to see the delicious seeds. Slice the beans open to expose their flavorful seeds.
  • Mix the sugar and vanilla beans in a bowl or jar, shaking or stirring to evenly spread the vanilla flavour.
  • Cover the beans in sugar and leave it alone for a while. Your homemade vanilla sugar is ready to add sweetness to your favourite recipes.

Step 4: Storing the mixture

  • A good container and the right storage spot are crucial for achieving the tastiest vanilla sugar for your recipes. Store it in a cool and dark spot to develop its delicious flavor.
  • Proper storage conditions ensure it’s perfect for adding sweetness to recipes. Seal it up and let your vanilla sugar become the secret ingredient that adds magic to your cooking and baking.

Optional Additions and Variations

For an interesting twist, flavour your homemade vanilla sugar with optional ingredients like cinnamon or cardamom. This enables you to alter your culinary offerings to accommodate various preferences and events.. This allows you to customize your culinary creations to suit different tastes and occasions.

For example, you could use cinnamon in your morning coffee or cardamom-infused sweetness in baked goods. These optional additions make your vanilla sugar more exciting and delicious, allowing you to experiment with different flavors and let your taste buds guide your culinary creations.


The procedure of making vanilla sugar is easy and delicious. Just combine sugar and vanilla beans, close the jar, and watch the magic happen. The results give your recipes a vanilla flavour boost. Try a variety of vanilla bean varieties, and for added taste, try adding cardamom or cinnamon.  Kerala spices online is one of the best spice stores in Kerala providing the authentic vanilla beans. Enjoy the simplicity and have fun experimenting with different vanilla bean kinds and flavour combinations—it’s like being a flavour scientist in your home.

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