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Enjoy cooking with the best cardamom powder

Most Indian homes have a ready stock of cardamom powder. But to have a ready stock is not an easy task if you have to buy the best cardamom and grind it to make the cardamom powder. Also, you have to grind it in small stocks that can last you for a couple of months. […]

Cardamom Powder 100g

Cardamom powder is made from Green cardamom.This can be used in many Indian sweets.This will add lovely flavor to many Indian dishes and sweets.One packet contain 100gm of cardamom powder

Garam Masala Powder 1kg

Garam Masala Powder is very good quality spices powder. It is very good for quality Indian dishes. Garam masala is a good taste maker.

8 Incredible health benefits of cardamom tea

Cardamom tea has an array of incredible health benefits that are simple to enjoy. The health benefits of cardamom tea mainly include improved digestion through the removal of stomach discomfort and bloating. Firstly, it improves oral health by minimizing bad mouth odour and preventing dental caries. It is a weight loss agent as it provides […]

Difference Between Green Cardamom and Black Cardamom

Difference between Green Cardamom and Black Cardamom Knowing the difference between green and black cardamom is essential for any Indian who wants to cook authentic Indian food! so if you want to learn more about green and black cardamom, its usage, prices, and benefits, keep on reading this article. What is Green Cardamom? Green cardamom […]

Ordering the best masala coffee powder online

Ordering the best masala coffee powder online You may be familiar with masala tea, but how about masala coffee? Kerala being the home to spices is also the place where the best in coffee gets grown, it didn’t take long for the two to mix and become something special. The drinking of coffee infused with […]

Meat Masala Powder

Meat Masala Powder Home-made Meat Masala powder is a blend of over 23 spices that goes into making a meat dish. natural dark color to the meat dish

Garam Masala Powder

Garam Masala Powder is very good quality spices powder. It is very good for quality Indian dishes. Garam masala is a good taste maker.

Role of spices for weight loss journey

Spices for weight loss are a vital component of your journey to a healthier lifestyle. These flavorful ingredients improve the taste of your meals and provide many advantages for weight loss. Spices such as turmeric, chili pepper and cinnamon are known to increase metabolism, allowing your body to burn calories more efficiently. For weight loss, […]

List of Spices

Black pepper White pepper Green pepper Cinnamon Stick Nut Mace 25gm Nutmeg Bay leaf 25 gm Cumin Fenugreek Mustard Green cardamom large Ginger dry Green cardamom medium Turmeric Green cardamom small Cinnamon roll Black cardamom Tamarind Clove Allspice Shahjeera Black pepper powder Khasakhasa Cardamom powder Star anice Turmeric powder Filter coffee powder Red chilly powder […]

What Is Cassia?

What is cassia? It is another variety of the spice cardamom. This can be extracted from the bark of the tree cinnamomum. The health benefits of Cinnamon are numerous. The piquant taste makes it a popular ingredient in baking and cooking recipes lending them an additional degree of sweetness and warmth. Although it shares similarities […]

Cooking with Seasonal Spices: A Year-Round Guide

Introduction – Seasonal Spices Let’s delve into the realm of seasonal spices, These spices are accessible throughout particular periods of the year. It compares selecting ripe fruits to cooking with the richness of using fresh ingredients. The article highlights the comforting qualities of nutmeg and cinnamon in the winter and basil and mint in the […]

Ignite Everyday Cooking with Exotic Spices

Have you ever thought of cooking with exotic spices? Sometimes you like certain dishes from a restaurant over other food places in the region, and why? The factors that make a noticeable taste difference are spices and spices only. The Exotic Spices are more like a superstar doing a cameo in a small movie. It’s […]

How to make Vanilla Sugar with Vanilla Beans ?

Vanilla Sugar is a unique kind of sweetener made by mixing sugar with vanilla beans. It produces a distinct scent and flavour. To add a pinch of vanilla delight to snacks or use it in baking, vanilla sugar enhances flavour and adds extra sweetness to pastries. You may add a hint of vanilla flavour and […]

What Herbs and Spices Go Well with Red Wine

What Herbs and Spices Go Well with Red Wine Wines weave tales of tradition, becoming a part of our retro culture. The world of spices used in wine is a palette waiting to be discovered, as wine with spices and herbs introduces a unique ballet of flavours. It’s like unwrapping a gift of flavours, each […]

Dried Ginger Tea

Dried ginger tea: A soothing and nourishing beverage for cold winter days As winter comes, we sometimes find ourselves seeking warm and comforting beverages to keep us warm. In this search for a warm beverage, dried ginger tea emerges as a strong contender. This tea, made from dried and powdered ginger root, not only has […]

Discover the Magic of Homemade Spice Blends: Enhance Your Dishes

Discover the Magic of Best Homemade Spice Blends: Enhance Your Dishes Spices are the secret components that may transform an ordinary dish into something remarkable. While store-bought spice blends are easy, making your own handmade spice blends is genuinely unique. It not only allows you to modify flavors to your liking, but it also ensures […]

The Best Organic Spice Blends for Delicious Meals

The Best Organic Spice Blends for Delicious Meals Organic spices add a burst of flavor and aroma to our meals, elevating the taste profile and making every dish a culinary delight. When it comes to organic spices, Kerala in India is renowned for its rich and diverse spice cultivation. The fertile soil, favorable climate, and […]

Using Spices to Enhance the Flavors of Different Dishes

Using Spices to Enhance the Flavors of Different Dishes Spices play a crucial role in elevating the flavors of different dishes. Whether you’re cooking a simple meal or creating an elaborate feast, adding the right combination of spices can take your cooking to the next level. Kerala, a state in India, is known for producing […]

Benefits of Different Types of Tea and How to Prepare Them

The Health Benefits of Different Types of Tea and How to Prepare Them Tea is a popular beverage enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It is a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that offer a range of health benefits. There are many types of tea available, each with its unique flavor, aroma, and […]

Top 10 Spices in Kerala

Best spices in Kerala Kerala’s relationship with inevitability was influenced by spices. The smell and taste of spices were what initially grabbed the explorers’ interest. Many explorers gave their lives to explore this area in search of its unimaginable wealth. One of the most desired and marketed items was now Keralan spices. Spices reveal the […]

Gifts & Offers

Trending Products 30 Spices in One Buy Now Best India spices gift box Indian food is among the most popular in the world, and for a good reason. From savory curries to sweet desserts, Indian cuisine is full of flavors and spices, sure to tantalize your taste buds. But what if you need more time […]

Why Buy Organic Spices from Kerala?

Since the time immemorial, Kerala has been known across the world for quality organic spices. The climate, nature of soil and geographic specialties make Kerala the best place to grow some of the world’s most in demand organic spices like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and more. Culinary spices that are grown in Kerala have many […]

Finest Spices for a healthy diet

Humans have been using spices to flavour as well as preserve food for centuries. We apply spices to food not only to add flavour and aroma, but also to enhance appearance and taste. Spices also have many health benefits and are also used as an effective remedy against several health problems such as cold, influenza, […]

How to make homemade masala tea!

Do you feel exhausted? Need a tea break! Sometimes a cup of homemade masala tea can be a cup of peace for you. It refreshes you and let you whisper that, with a cup of tea in your hand, anything is possible in this world! India, as it is popular for its tradition, culture and […]

The history of biriyani and its varieties

One cannot enjoy the fullness of life if one has not dined well. All of us are addicted to gratification that is rendered by our tongue. Biryani, a tasty mixed rice dish famous throughout the Indian subcontinent and its diaspora, without any argument is the favorite of all age groups in India. The dish is […]

Different Ways to Make a Delectable Indian Curry Sauce

The intoxicating aroma around the kitchen and the fragrance of spices are the face of Indian cuisine. Beyond the flavour and taste, Indian spices in its traditional cuisines give health benefits too. The word ‘sauce’ originally comes from French, meaning a magical mix to make our food more relishing. These liquid or semi-liquid foods are […]

Chicken Stew -with Kerala spices

Kerala spices  are Good ingredient to prepare Chicken Stew The excitement of my daughters on seeing the roosters and hens at a zoo in Dubai brought me fond memories of my own childhood days back in Kerala during the 1980’s. Yes, the decade in which my brother used to send me up the stairs to […]

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