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Prevalent Myths About Spices Deflated

Indian cuisine constitutes a wide variety of lip-smacking dishes cooked to perfection in a multitude of ways.  Spices are an integral part of Indian cuisine and add spark to the different recipes. There are quite a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding spices. Spices are nature`s gift to us and a solution to many of the ailments that we face now a days. They come from the seeds, bark, roots, fruits, and stems of a variety of plants and trees. They are as natural as nature-made them and are absolutely free from any sort of additives and preservatives.

In fact, throughout history, foods like chili powder and cayenne pepper have been used to treat different ailments from tooth ache to sore throats because of their active compound “capsaicin”. This compound can provide a sensation of numbness that is believed to alleviate severe pains.

So we have decided now is the perfect time to debunk myths around spices and enlighten you regarding the usage of different spices in your everyday life.


Myth 1- Spices don’t require preservation-

This is cent percent false! Spices do have a distinct life after which they lose their aroma and flavour. Like any other food item, they are required to be well preserved. They should be stored in air tight containers and away from direct sunlight and moisture. One should always take care not to use a wet spoon in the spice container and also keep the container away from hot pots.


Myth 2- Spices should be consumed fresh and not in dried form-

This claim is absolutely baseless. Spices do add a nice flavor when added fresh but some spices can be toxic in nature when fresh. Some spices can also have a robust taste when dried and grounded. These include basil, thyme, dry ginger powder and black pepper powder.


Myth 3- Loose spices can be considered safe for consumption-

Absolutely not. Loose spices can be highly adulterated and dangerous. The sellers of these spices won’t even give the assurance of quality and how they are processed. Instead opt for Kerala Spices, as we are guaranteed to serve you with organic, fresh and authentic spices processed with cool grinding technology.


Myth 4- Spicy foods are the main villain behind ulcers-

No of course, not! Spices do not cause stomach ulcers under any circumstances. On the other hand, ulcers are caused by a bacteria known as ‘’Helicobacter Pylori’’ and or anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen. In a 2006 study, red chilli and its active compound ‘’capsaicin’’ was even claimed as effective in treating and or preventing stomach ulcers! our online organic spices store for flavourful and authentic chilli powder.


Myth 5- Spicy foods kill your taste buds-


This myth is partially true since your tongue can feel numbness after consuming spicy foods. This does not kill your taste buds in any manner. It’s just your defence mechanism fighting against the ingredient.


Myth 6- Spicy foods induce labour-

This funny myth has unfortunately taken over every women`s mind! It has not been proven in Science that spicy foods can cause any sort of premature labour nor is it harmful to the child. Another study claims that spicy foods can use cramping and uterine interactions in women who are already dilated.

Myth 7- Spices are not effective as prescription medication-

This is not true. For centuries Indian spices have been used extensively to alleviate common ailments like nausea, skin problems, and vitality. Some people believe that capsaicin-packed foods can aid in weight loss and lower blood pressure although it is not exactly proven to be true.


Myth 8- Spices are not good for digestion-

Although this can be true when spices are consumed in large quantities, this is not the case when they are used in minimal quantities. Spices like turmeric and fenugreek can in fact treat a wide range of stomach-related disorders. If you are prone to acid reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). You should definitely pass on the hot sauce!

Apart from this, there is no study that claims spicy foods to be dangerous for pregnant women. Yes, another myth successfully debunked!


Now that we have debunked all sorts of spice-related myths for you, make an informed decision because spices are really good for your health and well-being. As with all food products regardless of their health benefits, spices are safest to consume in moderation. If in case you feel that you have gone overboard with the spices, water is not the best solution to extinguish the burning sensation. Instead opt for milk, yogurt, bread, or your favourite chocolate.

Whenever you shop for spices always opt for genuine, pure, aromatic, and packaged spices like the ones from Kerala Spices. You can shop premium spices online with us and feel the difference for yourself.

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