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Fresh nutmeg mace from Kerala

Fresh nutmeg mace from Kerala

There are those who love nutmeg mace more than its cousin, the nutmeg. It is a lighter, more subtle, and sweeter-tasting spice than nutmeg. Nutmeg is the seed and mace is the surrounding red to deep orange covering of the nutmeg. Both have of course similar taste and flavor but with subtle differences that only a true gourmet can discern. Nutmeg is hard and needs to be ground to be used but mace can be easily blended into wet masalas for adding to curries.

Nutmeg finds a place with custards and sauces. It can be combined with other spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon for providing warm tastes to cookies and cakes. They are also well suited for meat curries and help in enhancing the taste of red meats. Nutmeg powder can be sprinkled on fruit salads to enhance the taste.

As the flavors of nutmeg can be a bit strong for those who are not familiar with it, nutmeg mace is the better substitute in Indian cooking. It has a more subtle taste and flavor but is distinctively nutmeg. The lighter subtle taste makes it suitable for cooking fish, chicken, cream soups, and root vegetables. In many South Indian cuisines, mace is added to curries as a whole without grinding. After cooking, mace is removed leaving behind its delicate flavors to the curries.

Nutmeg brings a certain warmth and a delicate complexity to dishes. Apart from its flavors and taste, it is believed to have curative and aphrodisiac benefits. Nutmeg has great nutritive qualities. It is rich in manganese which helps the blood from clotting. This also helps regulate blood sugar and help absorb calcium. Nutmeg has antioxidants and disease-preventing phytochemicals. Now you can easily access the freshest Nutmeg mace from Kerala Spices Online. The spice will be delivered directly to your home. So wherever you are, it becomes easy to stock up on the freshest mace grown at the fertile high ranges of Kerala.

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