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White Tea

The best White Tea from Kerala

The best White Tea from Kerala

The best quality of tea that you can ever get is White Tea!  The most delicate and the finest unopened buds of tea leaves and the first shoots plucked to become White Tea. It is also plucked from tea plants of the sub species – Camellia sinensis – that are in their prime growth stage.

These delicate unopened buds are white due to the presence of fine, silvery-white downy hair on the surface of the leaves. When these are dried, the tea takes a noticeably silvery appearance, giving it its distinctive look. The tea processing involves light withering and is lightly rolled. This results in a tea that is very light yellow or blush tone and has a floral-fruity mellow taste.

White Tea is reputed to be very good for health with lots of antioxidants with beneficial qualities for the bodily organs as well as helping increase plasma levels. It is believed to slow down the aging process and reduce the risk of premature aging for those who drink it regularly. White Tea is also good for maintaining great-looking skin. It also reduces the risk of dental decay, provides mild relief from symptoms of diabetics, and also increases plasma glucose levels and thereby helping increase insulin secretion in the body.

Now you can easily access the best White Tea online from the tea gardens of Kerala through KeralaSpicesOnline. White Tea from KeralaSpicesOnline is great for regular use and this will help aid in reducing body weight. It is believed to help reduce inflammation, improve the functions of the liver and kidney, help maintain reproductive health and keep your heart healthy. It also helps enhance memory, improve your energy and alertness levels. Green Tea has many more such beneficial qualities that it makes good sense to switch to this superior tea which can be easily bought through KeralaSpicesOnline without much hassle. What’s more, it gets delivered right to your home and you can be assured of one of the best qualities too.

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