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Best Way to Store Spices


Like all other food items, spices also have a distinct shelf life, and they can easily go bad. The length of the shelf of spices can depend on how you care for the spices. Heat, humidity, air, and sunlight have a negative effect on spices. All these elements can break down the chemical compounds in the spices that give flavor and aroma to spices.


When the chemical compounds inside spices break down, it can break the potency and effectiveness of spices. When you don’t take care of the spices, it will not only lose its flavor and aroma, and it will also become rancid, moldy, musty, and dry. Thus, you will have to throw spices in this case.


Most people have questions like how to take care of spices appropriately. One of the best things that you can do to keep your spices is to buy a spice box online. You can get a variety of spice boxes that are suitable for your needs.

Indian spice box

What is the best way to store spices?

The first point that you need to pay attention to is to buy Indian spices online, as they are packed in airtight boxes. All types of spices and herbs need to be kept in an airtight container. It is also important to keep spice boxes in dark and cool places. Glass jars that come up with tight-fitted lids are the best. If the structure or the area of your home does not allow you to keep spice boxes in a cupboard, try to use tins so that the sunlight can’t reach the spices.


Test it

If you are someone who looks around for a few specific uses, you can try to use a DIY test tube rack that can be kept on the kitchen counter to get easy access to spices. All you need to do is to empty out the spices when you buy a spice box online. You can also look for cheap wooden boxes from online portals and put them together to create a tube rack. These boxes and storage system is perfect for a home that has family members who love to cook regularly.


Use your fridge

Your fridge is another place where you can keep your spices conveniently. So the awkward space on the side of your fridge can be easily used to store spices. You can get a magnetic spice rack that can be easily tucked away but is easy to access. But, make sure that the fridge is near your workspace so that you can get spices conveniently. Make sure to keep the spices that you use regularly at the DIY magnetic rack for the fridge. So, instead of cluttering your fridge with the spice boxes, make sure to use the magnetic boxes. These boxes work well when you are in a hurry to cook.


Go vintage

If you want to get a vintage-style spice storage system, the retro soda shelf can be your best friend. You can get these boxes at any flea market or thrift store. The dividers are intact in these boxes, and you will get cheap spice containers with maximum use. You can arrange these boxes as per your needs. You can also add chalkboard paint for easy identification.


Tic Tacs

For people who live in small apartments or who are RV travelers, Tic Tacs are perfect for spice storage. Tic tac containers are perfect for the storage of most-use spices. No matter if you want to cook dinner at your friend’s place or you want to add extra spices for a picnic. The tic tac spices are the perfect option.


Spices Box

Tension rods

You may not do it knowingly, but most often stuff cabinets with lots of spice boxes. If you know how to utilize the drawer space, you will get efficient storage. Thus, try to use tension rods to create pseudo shelves for the storage of layers of spices.


Hang them

The best part of displaying spices or using them as a decorative item is to hang them. All you need to do is get a few screw hooks, wire, and some jars. All you need to do is to fit the spice boxes conveniently in the jars. This is one of the best ways to store as well as show off the spices.


Use unused spaces

Most of us have lots of unused spaces in our kitchen that go to waste. If you want to get an innovative idea to use the unused space, try to use it for the storage of spice boxes. You can choose a rolling drawer as a DIY method to keep spices safely. Thus, if you don’t have an extra drawer or cabinet where you can keep your spice collection, the use of unused space near the fridge is a perfect option.


Follow all these methods to store spices and let us know which one of these worked perfectly. You can also buy spice boxes online for convenient storage of spice boxes.

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