Dried Tapioca 500g

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Dried tapioca 500gm – ‘Unakka Kappa’ or ‘Vattu kappa’ in Malayalam.This is one of the staple food of Malayalies especially the peoples in the hill stations.


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Dried Tapioca 500g which is known as Unakka Kappa or Vaattu Kappa in Malayalam. It is the staple food of keralites. People especially in the hill stations will simply loves it. This gives a nostalgic memory to us.

Tapioca is a root extracted from the cassava plant. It is abundantly available in Kerala during the summer season.  Also called by the different names like ‘Kappa’ or ‘Maracheeni’.Chenda kappa (plain boiled tapioca) and Kappa puzhkku (mashed tapioca with grounded coconut)are the two main recipies using tapioca. Matured tapiocas are parboiled .Then dried in the sun so that it can be stored for longer periods.

Unlike fresh Tapioca, dried one is more convenient for the people who have diabetics.Most of our parents are diabetic .So they are not able to consume fresh tapioca.If we provide this to them , they will get more happy.

Tapioca was the main food of our ancestors(in kerala) in earlier days. Our food habits got changed nowadays. Dried tapioca is one of the most healthy option.We can serve well cooked dried tapioca with some grated coconut to our kids.It have a delicious taste that no other food can replace.This dish gives a tight competition to other food products.

Along with kids ,it will be loved by adults and senior citizens also.

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