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Premium Spices

Kerala Spices Online has expanded our country’s heritage by dealing with authentic and premium spices from India and exporting them globally. Premium quality species in this section are of high quality, selected for export, high grade, and outstanding quality. Also, they are large, fresh, and have a pleasant aroma.

The history of Indian spices can be linked back many generations. The varieties of Indian spices grown in the country are well-known around the world for their enticing aroma, delicious taste, distinct color, and delightful flavor. The various spices combine to create a great balance in Indian recipes, providing a unique flavor.

Premium Quality Spices:

Cardamom – 8.5-9 mm and larger size, high quality, and very appealing
Black Pepper – 12m Bold,  blackish and larger size
Cinnamon Bark – Pure, authentic, and highest quality Cinnamon from Kerala
Clove – Organic, pure, and bigger size
Nut mace

Premium Spices

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