Tulasi Oil 7ml



Tulasi Oil 7ml  Holy Basil Essential Oil is oftentimes referred to as Tulsi Essential Oil. Tulsi is grown for religious as well as therapeutic reasons, as well as for its essential oil.

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Tulasi Essential oil or Holy Basil oil

Tulasi Oil 7ml

Holy Basil Essential Oil is oftentimes referred to as Tulsi Essential Oil. Tulsi is grown for religious as well as therapeutic reasons, as well as for its essential oil.

It is well known throughout the Indian Subcontinent as a medicinal plant as well as an herbal tea, widely used in Ayurveda.

Tulsi has a crucial role in the Vaishnavite tradition of Hinduism, in which devotees carry out worship involving holy basil plants or even leaves.

Tulsi is native around the world’s tropics and widespread like a grown plant and an escaped weed. It is grown for religious as well as therapeutic reasons as well as for its essential oil.

Tulsi is a crucial symbol in lots of Hindu religious traditions.


Benefits of Tulasi Essential oil

tulasi essential oil

1. Promotes hair growth

Basil essential oil is really a natural stimulant that can help in increasing blood flow whenever utilized externally. It really is great at promoting hair growth whenever combined with oils just like rosemary and lavender.

2. Treats oily hair

In case your hair feels oily, just include a few drops of basil essential oil in your normal shampoo. Alternately, prepare homemade hair treatments simply by mixing this particular anti-bacterial oil along with baking soda or ACV to manage the creation of oil.

3. Fight Skin Problems

  •  It’s got effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that will kill harmful microbes which will damage the skin and result in skin problems.
  • Skin disorders will likely be avoided together with the daily usage of this particular oil.
  • It will also help control flare-ups of skin inflammations, like eczema as well as psoriasis, which help reduce itching and redness.
  • The nourishing compounds within the oil will certainly calm irritated skin, sunburns, and skin rashes.

4. Helps in digestion

Basil essential oil can efficiently be utilized as a digestive tonic to deal with problems like irregularity, indigestion, flatulence, and stomach cramps. It may also help in relieving bowel pain.

5. Treats respiratory disorders

Basil essential oil is beneficial in reducing asthma, cough, sinus infections as well as bronchitis

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29 reviews for Tulasi Oil 7ml

  1. Sathyanarayanan

    Have been using this oil since 2 years it is so effective against nose block, cold and I also use this for vapourizer and headache now I am very much used to it. My favourite oil.

    Easy to carry with roll-on option on it.

  2. Nargis

    Very useful oil.I have been using more than a year.The aroma feels me relaxed.Inhale before going to bed gives quick and good sleep.Cures all sinus ,wheezing,all respiratory problems,running or blocked nose,cough,headache,migraine,wounds,burns,skin allergies,itching scalp etc.Put few drops into hot water and drink will cure digestion problems and cough also.Few drops of this oil into the steamer acts like a good vapouriser cures sinus and cold.I gifted this oil to all my fan ly members it was very useful to us during these pandemic days. The price is affordable .Awesome oil.Thank you very much Kerala Spices.Highly recommended.I’ll give 5stars to indhra tulasi oil.

  3. Nargis

    very very useful oil I have been using more than a year Love the aroma,it makes me relaxed inhale it before going to bed gives deep sleep cures blocked and running nose, sinus , cold, cough,headache,migraine,chest congestions,skin allergies also cures wounds and burns.It is very useful for me and my family during these pandemic days.My mother put some drops in hot water and drink for cure indigestion.Put few drops in the steamer and inhale will cure sinus& cold.continuous usage will cure weezing problem too.I gifted it to all my family members.The price also affordable.This oil is awesome, highly recommended I’ll give 5 stars.

  4. pulle.chandrasekhar

    strong pungent and immediate relief

  5. pulle.chandrasekhar

    instant relief from ailments and harmless to the skin. Highly recommended product

  6. Papia das

    Product is really too good.realy Work with coughing cold …and headache

  7. Vitul Kumar Mall

    It’s a very effective product in respect of Pain Relief, to open closed Nostril etc etc

  8. Raghavaram Punna


  9. Santhosh

    Very good product for instant relief to clear blocked nostril.

  10. Shubham Jaju

    Best product ever for the headach, and related issues.. definitely recommended

  11. swapnil

    This is very nice product. It helps in headache and cold.
    I am having allergy problem. This helps alot

  12. Bala

    Very good product! Instant relief for headache and blocked nostril!

  13. gurmeet

    love it

  14. Sreekanth Reddy

    I bought pack of five and it works really well

  15. Gaurav


  16. Deepika Vaibhav Kumar machhar

    Very good experience

  17. Sheelu Kunal

  18. Chakravarthy TC


  19. Chakravarthy TC


  20. Kapil

  21. Deepti Bhat

    Good product

  22. Kaushikbhai Savaliya

    Shipping damge 1qty

  23. Kannan Dasaratharaman

    Great for any type of respiratory tract infections…..

  24. Abdul Jabbar


    Very Good Product


  27. Manju Shrivastava

    We love this product. A must have for all households. Thank you for making it available for us so easily.

  28. Vidhya SR

    Good product


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