Tibetan Singing-Meditation-healing bowl

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Tibetan Singing-Meditation-healing bowl
2500.00 Original price was: ₹2500.00.1950.00Current price is: ₹1950.00.

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Tibetan bowls are forged with alloys that usually contain from five to seven precious metals, which are connected to the planets of our galaxy: lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), mercury (Mercury), silver (the Moon) and gold (the Sun). The size of the bowl and the ratio between the metals affect the tone, vibration, and quality of sound produced by the bowl.

Sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls is an ancient form of regeneration. The first bowls were made from an alloy of various metals and were used already 6000 years ago in the Far East. Tibetan singing bowls are a mysterious acoustic phenomenon, which was discovered by “spiritual tourists” in the Himalayas

The bowl sings ”ommmmm”, which revives the basic DNA codes and activates the codes that we haven’t yet perceived or we had suppressed till now. Tibetan singing bowls are one of the strongest musical instruments for healing with sound therapy and vibrations. They are called singing bowls because their exotic sound continues to float for a long time after we have played on them.

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