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Pasta is one of the most popular Italian dishes loved for its taste, variety and versatility. Made of grain, pasta is a healthy dish with low fat. Added with meat, fish, spices, vegetables, cheese, sauces, herbs and spices, pasta makes a tasty and filling breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pasta is also served as side dish. There are two types of pasta, which are dry and fresh. Commonly, pasta is made of wheat flour by adding water or eggs. Sometimes, wheat flour is replaced with rice flour and lentils. Pasta is available in the market in a variety of shapes like bow tie, shell, tube, spaghetti etc. One factor, other than taste, which makes pasta a popular dish, is the fact that it is easy to prepare and cooking takes comparatively less time. A variety of spices are added to make pasta tastier.

Some of the most important spices added to best pasta recipes are the following:

Cloves :

Cloves are the dried flowers of the clove tree. Originated in China, cloves are a popular spice across Asia and Europe now. Cloves have many health benefits as they are rich in beta-carotene, anti-oxidants and provitamins. Cloves also have anti-inflammatory properties and protect against stomach ulcers. Cloves, ground or whole, can be added to pasta to add depth and flavour. It gives pasta a special kick and makes it more delectable.

Black pepper :

Grown mainly in the Malabar Coast of India and other tropical regions, black pepper is known as the king of spices. It is one of the most common spices used in various cuisines across the world. Other than for adding spiciness, aroma and flavour, pepper is also used to season meat along with salt. Pepper is high in antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels and helps to improve blood sugar control. Pepper can spice up pasta and add a good flavour to it. 

Crushed red chillies :

Crushed red chillies are a condiment consisting dried and crushed red chilli peppers. Produced from cayenne-type peppers, it is often used as a condiment that could be sprinkled on food. Like salt and pepper, they are placed on tables in Italian family restaurants to be sprinkled on dishes. Crushed red chillies can be added to pasta to make it hotter and tastier. 

Sumac :

Sumac, a popular spice in the Middle East, is a versatile seasoning that adds a bright red colour and tartness to a dish, giving it a bright, lemony flavour. It is mainly used in the Middle Eastern spice blend called za’atar.  One of the most popular pasta dishes that uses sumac is bucatini with ricotta and sumac. Another dish is spaghetti with yogurt and sumac.

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