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Thank you for choosing as your affiliate marketing partner

Affiliate marketing is a part-time job along with your current job. Here, you are acting as an affiliate partner of You are promoting our Website and products online through WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp statuses, Instagram, email, YouTube, and other online channels where you can connect with your friends and family members to purchase products from Kerala through our Website. 

How do you join our affiliate marketing program?

Register through the link.

How do I market or promote the website and product of

After registering as an affiliate, you will get a unique link in your email showing your affiliate code. Copy and share the unique link along with the creative images we shared. Share the link and images on your WhatsApp group and WhatsApp status. FB page, Instagram, send as an email, YouTube etc 

How do I see how many customers visited the website using your unique link and purchased the products?

Log in to the account and go to the affiliate dashboard in your account. You can see how many are visited there, who all purchases, and the total value. There, you can view your commission earnings.

How do I get my commission?

Each affiliate must share the bank account details and PAN details with

5th of every month, we will release the commission of the previous month’s fulfilled orders into your bank account 


Marketing can be done by sharing the links and images on  WhatsApp, WhatsApp status, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and other channels.

Affiliates will get up to a 20% commission on each purchase their customer or friend makes. All details of each transaction will be available on your login dashboard.

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